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We offer classes for people of all ages and skill levels

Programs available:

school term program
intensive program (holiday program)
accelerated swim program

Baby and Parent

Our Baby and Parent classes are developed to help parents or carers to help teach their little ones to swim. We teach a repetitive format so that the swimmers gain the skills needed to start off the swimming process. Our environment is fun, friendly and positive.

Our baby swimmers are taught basic skills needed for the water environment through games, play and familiar
songs. We work on kicking and paddling to promote propulsion, floating, bubbles, guided jumps and dives, reaching
and other water safety skills.

Our aim is to have happy, strong little swimmers learning a skill for life in and positive and nurturing way.

Level 1

LEVEL 1, 2 and 3 are capped at 4 student and run for 30min

LEVEL 1- From 3 years old
Introduction to water and safety skill. We work on water confidence and water safety skill. Our focus is on introducing the foundation skill needed to learn to swim. Breath control, submerging, floating (front and back) kicking and paddling. Water survival skill are also taught such as fall, turn, surface.
All skills are assisted to unassisted depending on each students skill level.
Our aim is create happy, confident , independent little swimmers.

Level 2

LEVEL 1, 2 and 3 are capped at 4 student and run for 30min

Introduction of circle arms ( freestyle)
Our focus is head / body positioning, correct arm rotation, strong kick, propulsion and further independence in the water. Development of strong back kicking, diving and water safety / survival skill Our aim is to help swimmers build on the foundation taught through a break down of drill to developing the start of strong basic swimming skills.

Level 3

LEVEL 1, 2 and 3 are capped at 4 student and run for 30min

Introduction of rolling to breath, backstroke
Our focus is on head / body position, bilateral freestyle and strong development of backstroke as well as dives. Skill will be taught through a combination of drills bringing them together to ensure the skill needed in each stroke are getting the attention required. we will also start working on water endurance development. Our aim is to help swimmers understand the importance of correct positioning / movement and to develop their skills to their full potential.

Stroke 1

Stroke 1 capped at 5 students and run for 30 min

Introduction of distance swimming , breaststroke kick, dolphin (butterfly) kick. Our focus is to keep working on position / movement in the water while introducing distance swimming for
freestyle and backstroke, swimmers we be further introduced to lane usage / etiquette. swimmers will be taught dives Our aim is for our swimmer to maintain their understanding of positing / movement while becoming more independent in the water working on a more continual style of swimming lesson.

Stroke 2

Stroke 2 capped at 6 students ann run for 30 min

Introduction and development of full breaststroke, butterfly. Our focus is to develop freestyle and backstroke further along with breaststroke and butterfly kicks while introducing and refining breaststroke and butterfly arms to develop it into the full stroke. These skills will be taught through a breakdown of drill to help develop a strong coordinated stroke. Our aim is to prepare our swimmers for Mini squad

Mini Squad

Mini squad capper at 8 students and run for 45 min

Our mini squad is broken down into focus fortnights, week one of the fortnight is technic focused and week 2 is endurance focused.

week 1-2 freestyle / backstroke

week 3-4 freestyle / breaststroke

week 5-6 backstroke / breaststroke

week 7-8 freestyle / butterfly

week 9 all four strokes are focused on over the final two week of term

Our aim is to keep building on technic while also building on endurance. We encourage all our swimmers to work to their full potential and achieve the best result they can for themselves.

Adult Lessons

Adult lessons are available.

Special Needs

We cater for children with special needs too. Get in touch with us today.

Private Lessons

15min 30 min available

Our Philosophy

no expectations. no limitations.

Learning to swim can be a difficult and confronting thing for some, others pick it up easily. I believe with the correct guidance everyone can be the best they can be.

We teach using a structured format with as little transition as possible so that moving from one level to another when ready is a smooth transition. Encouraging our swimmers to learn step by step and developing strong skills on the way helps to ensure a good technique and the foundation to becoming a good swimmer.

Our format is based on repetition so that the skills that are taught form the very beginning levels become second nature. Everyone will develop skill at their own pace, sometimes swimmers plateau for a while, which is normal, and can help build a stronger foundation of the skills that they are developing.

Our passion is for all swimmer to feel good about any achievement they make no matter how big or small as they are all important. People thrive in a positive, happy, nurturing environment and that’s something I can proudly say we offer.

Our pool

no expectations. no limitations.

We teach in an Outdoor solar-heated 18 meter pool with a great amount of shade. The pool temperature ranges between 29 -34 degrees and is a very calm environment for swimmers to learn in.

In line with QLD public school Terms 1 & 4

Lesson Times

 Lessons run Monday – Friday from 3:00pm and Saturday mornings from 9:00am. Please get in touch to find out specific class times.


Come make a splash with us!

Bookings are simple and can be made over the phone on 0414 486 767. Book in 2 days a week per student and receive a discount!

The booking process:

Step 1 – determine what level the swimmer is ( a small list of question is all it takes) in water assessments available if within season time – (free)

Step 2 – options given for available day times

Step 3- once booking is made payment is made and booking is confirmed


Bank deposit, Pay Pal, Cash

Receipts available on request.


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